Citicus Limited joins forces with PricewaterhouseCoopers DA (PwC) and Scandinavian Business Security AS (SBS) in Norway to accelerate use of its groundbreaking risk management software in Scandinavia

UK company Citicus Limited has joined forces with PricewaterhouseCoopers and SBS to support businesses in Scandinavia seeking to implement its groundbreaking Citicus ONE risk management software.

Citicus ONE automates FIRM - the world’s most effective methodology for measuring and driving down the business risk of business application systems, computer installations, communications networks and other IT resources ‘going wrong’.

Citicus announces commercial availability of Citicus ONE Release 1.0

UK company Citicus Limited has announced the commercial launch of Release 1.0 of its product Citicus ONE - a unique approach for monitoring and driving down the risk associated with using IT systems.

Citicus ONE has been developed with the assistance of 15 companies - Citicus' Launch Partners - all organisations at the forefront of information risk management, including Motorola, British Airways, Pharmacia and Old Mutual.

Citicus announces new programme to roll out information risk management approach

UK company Citicus Limited has announced its second collaborative development programme to help companies drive down information risk using its unique product, Citicus ONE.

The programme, known as CDP-TWO, will enable participants to:

  • mount a successful pilot of Citicus ONE - a web-based system that supports implementation of the Information Security Forum's FIRM methodology
  • roll out Citicus ONE successfully for operational use across their organisations.

The programme will also: