Citicus drives down risk at Humberside Police

Humberside Police is using Citicus' information risk management software - Citicus ONE - to help ensure the security of its essential and sensitive electronic data and IT systems. As well as helping to reduce downtime that could compromise operational crime prevention and detection, Citicus ONE is being used by Humberside Police to comply with the Association of Chief Police Officers' Community Security Policy (CSP) standard for information security that requires that a comprehensive risk assessment is carried out and maintained.

Citicus ONE is an automated web-based solution implementing the Information Security Forum's methodology, FIRM - Fundamental Information Risk Management - for measuring and driving down the risk associated with computer applications and installations, communications networks and other IT resources. It uses risk scorecards and incident reports to collect and analyse data which is presented as risk charts, league tables and analysis reports. The software also automatically generates practical advice and maintains action plans for driving risk down to acceptable levels.

"Citicus ONE is an exceptional risk management tool that enables IT system owners, managers and users to see immediate results," said Mick Adair, Information Security Officer at Humberside Police. "Citicus has tailored the software to meet the requirements of Police Forces and results of the risk assessment have already been used by senior managers to prioritise resources and investment to reduce identified risks and ensure continuous graphical monitoring."

Citicus ONE's approach directly supports BS9977 / ISO17799 and the incident reporting can be used in conjunction with UNIRAS (Unified Incident Reporting and Alert Scheme) that gathers information on IT security incidents in Government departments and agencies and produces periodic analysis and assessment of incidents and trends, and issues alerts and briefings on matters of IT security concern.

Following an initial pilot project to look at the information risks associated with the Police Force's Home Office Large Major Enquiry System (Holmes2) - an application used for all major investigations - the Information Security Board at Humberside has decided to extend the use of Citicus ONE to other critical systems.

"Concern about increasing reliance on IT systems in the face of greater threats from hackers, viruses and terrorists is reflected in the high level of interest in Citicus ONE," says Simon Oxley, Managing Director of Citicus. "This concern is particularly acute in the policing environment where the security of data, resources and systems is of paramount importance for ensuring the effectiveness of operational and support activities. Citicus ONE is ideal because it allows risk management to be carried out by the Force using their existing personnel and according to the requirements of the Community Security Policy"

About Humberside Police

Humberside Police serve a resident population of almost 900,000 people living in an area of 1,356 square miles, centred on the Humber estuary. The Force operates within four divisions, which match the local authority boundaries. Humberside Police employs about 1,950 police officers and about 860 support staff. There are currently 255 Special Constables. Recent figures show Humberside Police officers have the heaviest workload per officer but maintain the lowest levels of sickness in the country.

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