Citicus Limited joins forces with PricewaterhouseCoopers DA (PwC) and Scandinavian Business Security AS (SBS) in Norway to accelerate use of its groundbreaking risk management software in Scandinavia

UK company Citicus Limited has joined forces with PricewaterhouseCoopers and SBS to support businesses in Scandinavia seeking to implement its groundbreaking Citicus ONE risk management software.

Citicus ONE automates FIRM - the world’s most effective methodology for measuring and driving down the business risk of business application systems, computer installations, communications networks and other IT resources ‘going wrong’.

“By working together, we can make the best combination of resources available to people looking to drive down this key risk enterprise-wide” says Simon Oxley, Managing Director of Citicus Limited. “We bring our deep knowledge of FIRM and our ability to deliver our Citicus ONE risk management software”.

Roar Gulbrandsen of PwC and Jan Bjørnsen of SBS AS will be spearheading the initiative from Oslo. “We’ve been enormously impressed with the FIRM methodology and Citicus have taken it to a higher plane through their world-class automation”, say Roar Gulbrandsen and Jan Bjørnsen and add “ Scandinavian businesses recognise the need to get a grip on information risk. We can deliver the local support they need to implement Citicus ONE successfully, such as evaluating costs and benefits, making the business case for deployment, managing implementation programmes and upgrading weak points in security arrangements. And we’re looking forward to doing so. We expect to announce several new customers by the end of the year. Our aim now is to build a critical mass of successful implementations in Norway. Our certified consulting team can help Scandinavian organisations roll out this uniquely effective approach across their local, regional and global operations”.

The FIRM methodology was developed in conjunction with the UK-based Information Security Forum (ISF) by a team led by Marco Kapp - a founder of Citicus. Based on ten years of statistical research among ISF members – who include some 250 of the world’s largest companies – FIRM provides decision-makers with a graphical view of information risk, including quantitative risk league tables, and offers a practical process for reducing information risk to an acceptable level.

For more information, contact:

Simon Oxley, Marco Kapp or Sian Alcock, Citicus Ltd
Tel: +44 (0)20 7203 8405

Jan T. Bjørnsen, SBS
Tel: +47 90 181 864

Roar Gulbrandsen, PwC
Tel: +47 95 260 070

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