OECD Security guidelines

OECDFull title:  Guidelines for the Security of Information Systems

Pages: 92

Overview: The OECD is an institution where the governments of leading countries come together to develop solutions to common problems affecting economic or social development. These OECD guidelines provide a foundation upon which countries and the private sector, acting singly and in concert, can construct a framework for achieving the security of information systems. The framework may include laws, codes of conduct, technical measures, management and user practices, and public education and awareness activities. In addition, the guidelines constitute a benchmark against which governments, the public sector, the private sector and society may measure progress.

Published by: Organization for Economic Co-operation & Development (OECD)

Date published: March 2000

ISBN: 9789264145696

Language: English

Status: On sale

Citicus role: The group of experts who developed these guidelines included a founder of Citicus.

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