European security study

European  Security StudyFull title: The security of network systems: A study on behalf of the Commission of the European Communities:

Report 1: Issues for management
Report 2: Consolidated report of case study findings
Report 3: Practical guidelines
Report 4: Major issues and assessments of solutions
Report 5: Summary and recommendations

Pages: 774

Overview: This study was carried out by Coopers & Lybrand firms under the direction of the UK firm, with the support of Directorate-general XIII of the European Commission.

It was co-financed by 17 vendors of IT products and services plus 20 user organizations involved in banking, insurance, manufacturing, energy, telecommunications, transport, service industries and government, from seven European countries.

The study identified the security status of participating user organizations and highlighted their strengths, weaknesses and priorities for improvement. Major issues (including risk analysis techniques) were investigated and state-of-the-art solutions identified. The investigation provided a factual basis for developing a new approach to securing networked systems. Recommendations for business leaders and government bodies were also put forward.

Published by: Coopers & Lybrand (UK firm), London.

Date published: 1988

ISBN: 0950512710

Language: English

Status: Out of print

Citicus role: A founder of Citicus directed this study for and on behalf of Coopers & Lybrand (UK firm) and was the principal author of or major contributor to each report in the series.

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