Citicus MOCACiticus Limited's innovative risk management application Citicus MOCA for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch has won the coveted Internet & IT products / services category in the UK Internet Business Awards 2011. The judges commented:

"Developed by Citicus, this ground-breaking app, offered for free, provides an effective way for decision-makers to identify the business impact of their organisation's assets and processes being disrupted. This is a key step in managing business risk."

Citicus MOCA's main success factors include its ease of use and the way it equips a wide range of stakeholders to discover, assess and highlight the relative importance of their computer systems (including industrial control systems), suppliers, products, sites, infrastructure - and any other types of asset or process their businesses depend on.

Citicus MOCA's revolutionary 'harm selector' enables decision-makers to assess criticality quickly, objectively and in business terms The IBA judges praised Citicus MOCA for its contribution to risk management.

The latest edition of Citicus MOCA employs a revolutionary harm selector that enables users to identify worst-case loss scenarios in terms of financial, reputational, regulatory and other types of business impact. Results are presented graphically and to get full value, users can submit completed assessments to a free Citicus-hosted processing service to receive a full PDF Criticality status report via email.

Citicus MOCA also supports industry-standard VGA and HDMI connections for display on a wide-screen TV or on a big screen via a projector so it can be viewed by several people at the same time (eg in meetings) and supports iOS5 ? the latest version of Apple's operating system.

Marco Kapp, director at Citicus says,

"We are delighted to win this award for Citicus MOCA, which has been acclaimed for making an innovative contribution to managing business risk effectively. Our mobile app is very popular. It has been downloaded by individuals in over 40 countries. By providing Citicus MOCA we are making risk assessment more accessible and believe the app will significantly enhance organizations' risk and governance efforts."

Citicus MOCA can be downloaded from the Apple App Store via Apple iTunes or from your mobile device, or from Its supporting User Guide and screenshots can be downloaded here.

UK Internet Business Awards 2011

The UK Internet Business Awards are dedicated to the celebration of websites offering the best business-to-business experience for customers. They aim is to seek out examples of the UK's most excellent online business-to-business website experiences and to reward them publicly in print and online. These impartial, independent and objective awards are exclusively for businesses selling or effecting transactions online to other businesses. They are not for retailers, or for companies selling online direct to consumer.

About Citicus

Citicus Limited was formed in 2000 by Simon Oxley, Sian Alcock and Marco Kapp. The company provides world-class automated risk management tools that have been implemented in public and private sector enterprises of all sizes around the world, and helps customers implement them successfully.

Our flagship software, Citicus ONE, enables organizations to measure and manage the risk posed by the entire range of assets, entities, processes and activities on which they depend, using a methodology that reflects 20 years of research into the factors that drive risk up or down and those which make risk programmes successful.

For more information, contact:

Simon Oxley, Marco Kapp or Sian Alcock, Citicus Limited
Tel: +44 (0)20 7203 8405

Nick Hall, Citicus media relations
Tel: +44 (0)7949 111 174

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