Key staff from Regency IT Consulting have completed an intensive training programme provided by Citicus Limited, designed to provide them with:

  • A thorough understanding of the FIRM methodology that Citicus ONE automates, how to implement Citicus ONE in a range of business contexts, how to deploy and configure Citicus ONE to meet specific client needs, and Citicus ONEE's licensing, service and pricing options
  • Hands-on experience of using the full range of Citicus ONE's capabilities
  • Insight into what's in store with future releases of Citicus ONE and how customers and Regency IT Consulting can influence their content.

All staff who complete their training are qualified to deploy and use Citicus ONE, and enjoy continuing access to Citicus project support and technical resources.

Certified staff from Regency IT Consulting include:

Nigel Wilkinson

Nigel Wilkinson

Head of Security Pratice

Mick Adair

Mick Adair

Consultant Accreditor


Austen Collinge

Project and Programme Management Consultant


Dan Hanman

Operations Manager




Ray Neal

Security Consultant


Bobby Drummond

Systems Engineer


David Alexander

Security Consultant


Geraint Jowers

Principal Consultant, Cassidian