Citicus ONE is subject to a continuous development programme, driven by our interaction with existing and potential customers and our own research initiatives.

  • A triage capability extending Citicus ONE’s popular method of assessing criticality of assets by combining this with user-specified parameters to assign assets to different triage levels. The assigned triage level can then be used by Citicus ONE to automate the risk management disciplines and actions appropriate for each asset.
  • Extensive e-mail-integrated workflow capabilities automating key parts of the risk management lifecycle
  • New interactive risk and compliance reports proving decision makers at all levels with the information and metrics they need to manage risk down
  • A new user interface reducing the learning curve for new and infrequent participants in the risk and compliance management process
  • The latest specialized control standards including PCI-DSS V3.0, COBIT 5, ISO27001:2013 and the Information Security Forum Standard of Good Practice 2014
  • A geotagging capability enabling users to record the physical location of their assets and view this in Google Maps.