You can gain access to Citicus ONE in three ways:

  • Option 1: In-house, multi-user implementation: whereby in return for a one-time licence fee, we deliver a copy of Citicus ONE to you on disk with full documentation, and licence you to:

    - install it on a server or servers under your control

    - use it to evaluate the risk status of a defined number of targets of evaluation (ie assets, entities, processes and/or activities which pose a risk to your enterprise which needs to be evaluated).

    The one-time licence fee covers our full Citicus ONE maintenance service for one year. You can obtain continuing maintenance thereafter by paying an annual maintenance charge.

  • Option 2: Hosted service: whereby in return for an annual hosted service charge we set up three implementations of Citicus ONE dedicated to your exclusive use, running on server(s) under our control and capable of evaluating a defined number of targets of evaluation.

    Both basic and premium hosted services are available. See Services for further details.

    The annual hosted service charge covers use of Citicus ONE by your organization over the Internet; and our full Citicus ONE maintenance service over the year.

  • Option 3: Single-user, laptop implementation: a laptop implementation can be useful for evaluation, demonstration and training purposes; or to support particular projects.

    To facilitate these modes of use, Citicus ONE can be installed on a laptop, capable of supporting a single user, at modest cost.

Further information

Further information about deploying Citicus ONE, can be found by clicking the appropriate link below: