We pride ourselves on the quality of our product and the supporting services we provide. Feedback we’ve received from our customers and other commentators is shown below.

With your new workflow and triage capabilities I might just be able to retire early! It’s like have a clone of yourself that works for you 24/7.

Global Lead, Information Risk Management, Consumer products company

The co-operation and support that I and my company have received over the years from Citicus Limited has been extremely valuable for me and is to my mind a perfect example of an ideal customer - supplier relationship

IT security director, Manufacturing company

The way Citicus ONE measures criticality is brilliant - it's the most sophisticated yet also the simplest method I've ever seen

Lead analyst, leading USA authority on controls frameworks

The product is very easy to come to terms with: it's easy to use, it's got a good front-end and reporting; and the fact that users get immediate access to results is good too. It offers lots of benefit, immediately.

Information Security Manager, manufacturing company

My dream job is to fully roll Citicus ONE out and just sit there in the middle responding to the results it produces.

Corporate IT Security Manager, Global pharmaceutical company

The risk management process we’ve built around Citicus ONE is the most widely implemented business process in the whole group its even more widely adopted than the financial management process.

Information Risk Manager, Global insurance company

The Citicus tool has been invaluable to the success of our BS7799 certification project, and will be fundamental in continual maintenance of the standard and the management of information security in general. The regular reconfirmation of asset valuation by the asset owners was particularly useful in providing evidence of buy-in from the business, in addition the use of the in-built auditing data and resulting reports enabled [recent major customer] to demonstrate evidence of continual improvement and provide visibility of information security risks to senior management.

BS7799 Project Manager, Leading UK ISO27000 Consultancy

Butler Group has long evangelized about the need to view compliance and general IT governance not as a cost centre, but as an opportunity to improve working practices, offsetting the cost of compliance with real, hard long-term benefits. Citicus ONE engenders exactly this kind of approach, for which we feel it has to be commended.

Risk Management Technology Audit, Butler Group

Citicus ONE tackles one of the most fundamental challenges of the information security profession today, which is to prove a return on investment.

Editor, SC Magazine

Citicus ONE saved my organisation the equivalent of my salary in six months.

Information Security Officer, UK Police Force

The product is very practical, and I've received very positive feedback on it internally.

Information risk Manager, UK utility

The support you provide is very much appreciated and we have nothing but positive things to say about your constructive responses to our questions on both technical and risk management process issues.

Citicus ONE Implementation Manager, European subsidiary of major US corporation

You've set a dangerous precedent for vendor responsiveness ... it will be hard for others to live up to!

Risk Programme Manager, Global banking group


Your company's commitment to customer service is quite apparent ... I wish I was as fortunate in dealing with some other vendors.

Project Manager, US insurance company

Thanks very much for the excellent support that we have received from your team. It makes working with Citicus ONE even more worthwhile.

Group Information Security Officer, South African bank

The process has been excellent in gaining a common understanding of risk. It would bring a lot of value to our company.

Business Manager, Major US bank

The Citicus ONE criticality assessment alone is worth its weight in gold.

Information Security Officer, UK police force

The Citicus ONE risk assessment has picked up significant issues not identified by our recent audit with a fraction of the effort.

Business Manager, Global consumer products company