When you complete an assessment, Citicus MOCA immediately generates a top-quality set of 'on-board' results, optimized for viewing on the screen of your iPhone, iPod or iPod touch.

By sending your completed assessment for processing by our Citicus Barista processing service or your organization's Citicus ONE risk and compliance management system, you will also receive via e-mail a superb, full-size set of results in PDF form.

You can find more about the purpose, scope and appearance of these results below under:

  • Citicus MOCA's 'on-board' results
  • Full PDF results, delivered via e-mail.

Citicus MOCA's 'on-board' results

Citicus MOCA's 'on-board' results provide immediate feedback on what comes out of an assessment.

As shown opposite, they highlight the assessed asset's:

  • calculated criticality rating
  • maximum credible loss
  • critical timescale for recovery ie the shortest period of outage at which serious harm is suffered.

In addition, the overall harm your organization would suffer if your asset's worst-case loss scenario(s) materialized is highlighted in a table listing the types of impact that would ensue, in descending order of severity.

Together these results establish your asset's business need for protection and provide the business rationale for bringing protection up to the desired level.

In use, you would scroll up or down this set of results on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

TIP! If you connect your Phone, iPod or iPod touch to a TV or projector, you can review you 'on-board' results directly with the asset 'owner' or others involved in the assessment.

Note: The details you can see in your 'on-board' results are all incorporated in your full PDF results, which provide the permanent record of your assessment.

Full PDF results, delivered via e-mail

Your full PDF results provide a comprehensive record of your assessment, which you can save to your desktop or laptop computer, print out full-size and circulate to the asset 'owner' and other decision-makers as a PDF file or on paper. They comprise:

  • a Title page, recording the focus of the assessment, who did it and when
  • a Criticality status report, containing Citicus MOCA's 'on-board' results screen, set out in a form suitable for business decision-making
  • a Completed assessment form, recording the identity of your asset and its business owner, the most severe business impact you envisaged for each criticality factor (eg Confidentiality), your identity and the date/time of your assessment
  • Recorded notes and comments, containing comments you entered during the assessment (eg details of the asset's worst-case loss scenario or scenarios).

See below for more details.

PDF results

Restricted PDF results, delivered via e-mail

If you send an assessment for processing that is not fully complete, Citicus Barista or your organization's Citicus ONE system will e-mail you an incomplete set of PDF results, consisting of the title page, completed criticality assessment form and recorded notes and comments.

Citicus MOCA User Guide