Citicus MOCA is available free of charge from your local Apple App Store. Its companion Citicus Barista processing service - provided by Citicus, also free of charge - enables you to gain access to your Full PDF Results each time you upload a completed assessment for processing.

Our Citicus Barista processing service can support large numbers of users, but is designed to be generic. It does not support customization, nor does it enable you to inject completed assessments into your organisation's risk and compliance system(s).

However, there are two other ways of deploying Citicus MOCA which do facilitate customization and integration. These entail setting up Citicus MOCA to exchange data with:

  • your organization's Citicus ONE risk and compliance management system, or with
  • any other system your organization employs that supports Citicus MOCA's prescribed web service.

These three approaches are illustrated below.


Ways of deploying Citicus MOCA

The pros and cons of each approach are set out in the following table to help determine which works best for you.


Citicus Barista

Your organization's Citicus ONE implementation

Another system used by your organization

Can generate Full PDF results
No (alternatives may be provided)


Feeds assessments into your organization risk system


Enables customization of types of assets and issues probed


Extra software required
Yes, Citicus MOCA Server (acts as front-end to Citicus ONE)
Refer to your system's custodian


Development required
Yes, to support Citicus MOCA's prescribed web service

Citicus MOCA Server

Citicus MOCA Server is a free-standing software product that acts as a front-end to your existing Citicus ONE risk and compliance management system. It uses Citicus MOCA's prescribed web service to:

  • receive incoming assessments completed using Citicus MOCA
  • inject them into Citicus ONE as volunteered, unlinked assessments
  • download customisations to Citicus MOCA on request.

In addition, it e-mails full PDF results to their senders.

It has its own installation guide and is available to users of Citicus ONE at extra charge.

Citicus MOCA Development Kit

The Citicus MOCA development Kit provides access to the formal:

  • definition of Citicus MOCA's prescribed web service (its 'WSDL file')
  • specification of the message formats and their intended use
  • specification of the prescribed form of the bases of evaluation which are used to customize the types of asset and issues probed by Citicus MOCA.

The kit is available, subject to agreement by Citicus, for a defined fee. Support for testing and support is in addition.

Next steps

If you wish to discuss deployment in your organization, please contact us directly via We will be pleased to talk the possibilities through in more detail.

Citicus MOCA User Guide