Citicus ICS is a web-based application and can be deployed either in-house on your organization’s own infrastructure or can be provided as an on-demand hosted service by Citicus.

Ways of deploying Citicus ICS in-house

In-house implementations

Citicus ICS is designed as a multi-user, server-based application and is normally installed on a web server. However, for small-scale use if can also be installed on a desktop or laptop computer.

In both cases the required operating environment consists of standard Microsoft technology, primarily IIS and SQL Server. The detailed specification of the environment is the same as that for our Citicus ONE product and can be downloaded here.



Ways of deploying Citicus ICS in-house

Citicus hosted services

Our Citicus ICS software is available via our standard and premium hosted services. These provide a highly-responsive alternative to an in-house installation.

Our standard hosted service allows you to get started immediately without having to set up the infrastructure to support the application internally.

Our premium hosted service offers a very flexible approach that allows you specify the precise grade of service you require and control its method of connectivity to your corporate intranet, eg using a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

A hosted implementation can be migrated to an in-house installation subsequently if required.

Our hosted services are used by organizations with the most stringent security requirements and have been subjected to thorough independent review.

Next steps

If you wish to discuss deployment in your organization, please contact us directly via We will be pleased to talk the possibilities through in more detail.