We hope you enjoy your experience of using our Citicus Barista processing service. This service is provided for use 'as is '. To help you get the most out of it, the following resources and services are available for your use:

  • Citicus MOCA User guide
  • Status of Citicus Barista
  • Feedback on your experience
  • Report an issue requiring a response

Citicus MOCA User Guide

Citicus MOCA's comprehensive user guide (Citicus MOCA User Guide PDF, 2MB) explains:

  • what Citicus MOCA is designed to do
  • how to download and install it
  • how to make the most of its highly innovative capabilities
  • how to diagnose and resolve every problem condition we can think of.

Guidance on setting up Citicus MOCA to use Citicus Barista can be found in it under Appendix B. If you have a problem, this should be your first port of call for resolving it.

Status of Citicus Barista

The Citicus Barista processing service is available for use at all times except for scheduled maintenance period on Sundays between 6am and 6pm UK local time, emergency maintenance and unscheduled down-time.

If you are having trouble in sending completed assessments for processing by Citicus Barista or receiving your results back, kindly:

  • check the status of the Citicus Barista service to see if there's a problem, and, if so, check back periodically until the problem is cleared
  • review the alerts listed in the Citicus MOCA User Guide (Citicus MOCA User Guide PDF, 2MB) and follow the guidance provided to help you diagnose and resolve your problem condition.

Feedback on your experience

We welcome feedback on your use of Citicus Barista and Citicus MOCA. Please e-mail comments, suggestions - and complaints if any - to citicusmoca-feedback@citicus.com. We promise to review them and consider any suggestions you make for inclusion in a future release of Citicus Barista and / or Citicus MOCA.

Report an issue

If you've a comment, suggestion, query, complaint or claim regarding Citicus Barista or Citicus MOCA which you'd like us to respond to, please complete the form below and click the Submit button. For free products and services, we can't commit to responding to every issue individually, but we will:

  • record what you enter as an issue
  • acknowledge it courteously, constructively and promptly
  • prioritise it for action
  • consider it when formulating our plans for future releases, taking into account its priority, reproducibility, impact on current and projected users, the effort involved in upgrading Citicus Barista or Citicus MOCA, and the risks involved in doing so
  • where time permits, get back to you where warranted.

Thus you can be certain that any issue you raise will be reviewed and dealt with responsibly. In return, we ask you to:

  • raise issues clearly, courteously and constructively
  • provide us with sufficient information to enable their diagnosis and resolution.

Advise us of your issue

Please complete the form below, then click the Submit button.


Please note: * means that this information is required as a minimum for us to respond to your request. Other items help us also, but you can leave them blank if you wish. Please also be aware that although Citicus MOCA is distributed by Apple Inc. on our behalf, Apple has no obligation whatsoever to furnish maintenance and support services with respect to our risk and compliance solutions.

Citicus respects your right to privacy. For details on how we protect the privacy of data relating to Citicus Barista and Citicus MOCA in particular, see privacy. Guidance on our general policy can be found at Citicus privacy policy.

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