Award-winning software for managing security, risk and compliance
Better, Faster, Cheaper

  Our flagship Citicus ONE software is designed to help you measure and manage security, risk and compliance across an enterprise:
  • More effectively
  • More efficiently
  • More economically.
Citicus ONE enables organizations to measure and manage the risk posed by the IT systems, suppliers, sites and other key assets and processes on which they depend, using a methodology that reflects over 25 years of research into the factors that drive risk up or down and those which make risk programmes successful. 

This has been enhanced with workflow, triage and auto-update capabilities designed to drive down the effort involved in managing risk effectively, without compromizing the reliability of assessments.

Managing different types of risk with Citicus ONEBecause the same principles are applied to each area of risk, different risk areas can be compared and aggregated, and an overall picture of risk provided to decision-makers. 

Its Citicus ICS and Citicus MOCA stablemates extend Citicus ONE's capabilities further.

Citicus ICS is a special implementation of Citicus ONE optimized for managing risks to SCADA and other types of industrial control system.

The latest update of Citicus MOCA, our free iPhone app, puts a premier-quality risk tool into the hands of a wider community.

To date, Citicus ONE risk management software has been used to conduct many thousands of risk and compliance assessments in over 160 countries of the world, and has proven highly popular and effective.

Risk managers praise:
  • its business-oriented reporting capabilities which generate results that decision-makers can understand and relate to
  • the power, flexibility and efficiency of its fact-gathering processes, which enables them to tread lightly on their busy organization
  • the ease of configuring our software and of deploying it across enterprises of all sizes.

The global economic crisis and increasing threats underline the critical importance of managing risk well - and in a way that business managers, regulators, governments and investors can rely on.

To learn more about our award-winning risk management solution, contact us.  We'll do our utmost to help you build an effective risk programme that reflects today's business realities - enabling you to build a faster, cheaper, better approach to managing risk across your enterprise.


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